Avail A Quality Which You Look For, Through Our Water Conditioning System, Anti Scale System and Machine PCB.

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Avail A Quality Which You Look For, Through Our Water Conditioning System, Anti Scale System and Machine PCB.

Who We Are

We at Himja Engineering have cemented our reputable name amongst the most futuristic, technologically advanced and quality oriented firms in Indian industry. Under the pragmatic leadership of our experienced & visionary mentor, Mr. Himanshu Desai, we have been providing the world class solutions to the companies for descaling in piping systems. By working as a manufacturer and wholesaler, our company has always been standing strong to provide eco-friendly solutions to the customers in varied areas who require latest systems for water softening, scale removing, protection from corrosion deposition, etc. Our offerings for them range from Water Conditioning System, Anti Scale System to Machine PCB. The systems delivered by us receive huge praises from the users for their high performance, effective output and zero maintenance.

By providing latest quality standards of products to the customers at industry leading prices, we have maintained our strong presence in the industry for years. And, we look forward to maintaining this position for an everlasting period of time.

Our Vision

The ultimate vision of our enterprise is to reach out every required industry and individual in different sectors who require anti scaling solutions and, support Indian industries to maintain scale free equipment, system, etc. in environmental friendly manner.

Our Brand

Our well-known brand name in the industry, SCALERT promotes the ideology of Scale Se Raho Alert which means to stay alert of scaling problem in your piping systems. We are providing the top grade of descaler or hard water treatment solutions to customers in different sectors. 

Application Areas

Our offered range of Machine PCB, Anti Scale System and Water Conditioning System are widely used in areas like:

  • Residential
  • Industries
  • Agriculture
  • Hospital
  • Cattle Farm
  • Commercial

R&D Is Our Foundation

Being a research driven firm, our team of R&D professionals always stays focused on developing newer-better standards of products through path-breaking solutions. They are continuously searching for effective and efficient techniques that can enhance the quality of production and reduce time consumption in the organizational processes with time.

Innovation Is Our Motto

The motto of our enterprise from day one is to innovate daily. Our team of talented designers & engineers work together to continuously improve the quality of our products and overall work through innovative approaches or ideas. 

Our Certifications

Through our irresistible supply of premium quality products such as Machine PCB, Anti Scale System and Water Conditioning System, we have earned valuable certifications in the industry which include CE, Certified ISO 9001:2015, IP65, IP, MSME, GeM and more.
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